fragment from my resumé for O-Week Coordinator

MLLL Signator, Reed College, Spring 2005-present
If the legends are true and I instantly forget everything I ever learned in a Reed class the moment I receive my diploma, I will still be eternally grateful for my Reed experience for one reason: the opportunity to signate the MLLL (comic book reading room).

That room has reawakened a passion for comics that had been hibernating since my childhood, it has taught me deep truths about art and literature and life, and it has caused me to discover a passion for administration deeper than I could have imagined. Signating the MLLL, for me, means nothing more and nothing less than helping other people find happiness – serving as midwife for the life-changing experiences of my fellow Reedies.

I work extremely hard for the MLLL (calculating expenditures, managing inventory, monitoring new releases, alphabetizing bookshelves, scrubbing floors, etc.), but because of me, other students are discovering stories make them laugh and cry and think. It’s my way of giving back to the community – by making it possible for other people to receive what I’ve received.


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