DC for March 07

DC Comics solicitations for March 2007. Commentary go!


The first interesting image of Aquaman I have seen in twenty-one years

Is there something wrong with me, or with the comic, that I’m not excited about a man aiming a bow&arrow at a giant dragon rampaging through downtown?

Van Sciver’s work is actually getting less attractive over time. Is he inking himself now? Too bad Norm Rapmund’s dead. It appears that he is not in fact dead.

WOOOOOOOOOOO finally! We have the originals of these but we’ll probably buy this too.


holy shit, that’s amazing. Looks like the pressure of following Eisner has kicked Darwyn Cooke in the ass and made him up his game. Look at the spare linework — the way he left off inking the tops of things completely and let the color do the work. Not to mention that the woman is already more attractive and dynamic than any Eisner ever drew (bless his heart, Will’s characters were all a little lumpy and vulnerable, which didn’t help him when he wanted to do rip-roaring adventure stories). Hot damn, now I’m excited for this launch.

New Wonder Woman writer sounds interesting. When was the last time this character was written by a woman?

sexy! [edited to add: this is sarcasm]

funny, it looks like Runaways has set the standard for teen superhero team covers. But I’m not complaining.


I know this will make more sense after reading the issue — JJ’s covers always do — but seriously, wtf?

aaaand this one more than makes up for it. Whatever they’re paying Jean, it can’t be enough.

Whoa, that’s a change of pace. I love it, but actually I wonder why Carnevale didn’t play with this style before now.

Er, is he supposed to have that many ribs?

Oh dear god. That’s not a six-pack, that’s a fridge to keep the six-pack in.

She’s positively mammalicious!

Might actually have to get this one. I know a lot of people who like Catwoman, as a concept anyway. ‘ve also gotta pick up the Brubaker/Cooke stories, so I can have some decent Catwoman comics to direct people to.

Okay, enough out of me.


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