12:04PM: profiles in courage

Pause for station break: we’re here at Cosmic Monkey Comics until 10 AM tomorrow for the 24-Hour Comics Drawpocalypse! Come visit us anytime!

First up: Addam Pool, a student at the Art Institute of Portland. He’s working on a story about a little girl whose tea party is interrupted by bandits, who destroy her village. As the story progresses, she rebuilds and grow older, and when the bandits return years later, she has a yet-to-be-determined moment of revenge. Wholesome or horrifying? Only time will tell!

Addam’s story began as a pitch for his Fundamentals of Scriptwriting class about a year ago, but when the call went out for this event he decided to brush it off and make something of it. But he’s feeling no pressure: “I plan to fail,” he told me. “That way I won’t be disappointed.”

[David Bowie’s “Suffragette City” begins playing on the store stereo. A grumpy Jacob Mercy explains that due to Rock Band, this song has been burned into his brain. “I think Bowie’s stalking me.”]


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