3:51PM: Profiles in Courage, part 3

Pause for station break: we’re here at Cosmic Monkey Comics until 10 AM tomorrow for the 24-Hour Comics Drawpocalypse! Come visit us anytime!

The unfortunately chewing Jacob Mercy is up to page seven! Or he was when last we spoke; time is kind of slipping away from me.

His 24-hour comic is an autobiographical story “about girls.” Critics are calling it “a powerful and staggering narrative,” and by “critics” I mean “Jacob Mercy.” His paper outline is pretty empty, but apparently the mental outline he’s constructed is rock-solid.

Never one to be caught with his Wiki down, Jacob has brought a pocket PC along to use for looking up references. “I couldn’t remember which dialogue of Plato had the discussion about Aphrodite.” (it’s the Symposium, §§180-181.) Apparently making love with boys is okay, but it pales in comparison to other kinds of love.

Jacob’s actually sounds like quite the interesting exploration of human attraction — “why we like what we like.” Do people imprint themselves on early fixations? He describes it as “half Harvey Pekar, half Alan Moore. It’s autobiographical and pretentious.”

Then we got sidetracked into a discussion of Pekar vs. Bechdel and the patriarchy inherent in traditional dramatic structure. This conversation will either get really interesting or really sad at 5 AM.

4:02PM Musical note: And now the Andrew Oldham Orchestra‘s bizarre, portentious cover of “The Last Time”, later sampled by The Verve for “Bitter Sweet Symphony“?! Nice!


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