7:28PM: Profiles in courage, continued

Pause for station break: we’re here at Cosmic Monkey Comics until 10 AM tomorrow for the 24-Hour Comics Drawpocalypse! Come visit us anytime!

Chris Dowling has momentarily “run into a wall.”

His gorgeously rendered story has a bit of H.P. Lovecraft to it: a mysterious evil force begins spreading from organism to organism, from a mushroom growing in a skeleton’s eye socket into the belly of a chicken, to the man who eats the chicken, and so on.

Chris has made a few comics here and there when not working his job at a coffeeshop. This is his first 24-hour comic; he’s trying to force himself to loosen up, but also paradoxically to make his pencil work more complete (he normally uses loose pencils and does the majority of the work in the inking stage).

He currently has no web site, which is a tragedy.

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, Steven Wilber is working on a story about a little guy who wakes up in the morning and is having a good day– until he witnesses a murder, and then things go crazy. He admits this plot may be slightly influenced by the unfolding events of the day…

He’s working without dialogue, using only images inside word balloons (a new technique for Steven). Partially it’s because he has “terrible handwriting,” but he’s also found that “you can do a lot of visual gags that way.”

Steven just moved to Portland from Spokane, where for four years he drew a comic strip in the student newspaper of Eastern Washington University. His background there was in film, but like many film students he secretly loves comics.

Steven’s profile will be rising considerably next week, for reasons I can’t go into yet. Keep an eye out!

How are you feeling about your progress, Steven?

I’m surprised that I’m this far. I’m only an hour behind. I thought I’d be on, like, page 3 by now … I think it helps that I’m making it up as I go, because I’m not wasting time obsessing on the way I had it in my head originally. Also, I’m really impressed with everybody here and what awe-inspiring artists they are.


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