Kids will have fun and offend

or, What Hath Linkin Park Wrought?

Here’s Robert Christgau on the Go! Team:

Thunder, Lightning, Strike [Columbia, 2005]
The gleeful clamor of Today’s Young People listening to what they want when they want to without paying for it and dancing around like kindergarteners at a maypole or gay guys under a mirrored ball and no offense Mr. Businessman but this is their birthright not your copyright so butt out OK? A-

Here’s Warren Ellis on New Mexico band Brokencyde:

[“Freaxxx”] really is one of those “fall of Western culture” moments. It’s a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture.

Exaggeration? Watch:

Now, though no fault of my own, I have stumbled across this music video, “The Impaler” by California band Winds of Plague. The first half literally looks like somebody dubbed the song over a completely different video, until you see that yes, the vocals really do sync up.

We want to believe that these are jokes. Because ha ha, how preposterous to combine screamo metalcore with hip-hop (musically, in the case of Brokencyde, or simply visually, in the case of Winds of Plague).

But I think this might be happening.

Whether we like it or not. Call it syncretism, call it musical miscegenation, or just the latest version of idiotic teenage music. When you’ve got a generation that grew up playing Dragonforce on Guitar Hero and listening to Lil Wayne on Myspace, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that this kind of stuff emerges. We keep talking about how the barriers to cultural crossover are lowering. If this isn’t what we had in mind (these guys are not exactly Elvis, or the Clash, or Public Enemy for that matter), maybe that’s our problem?

[also, the Winds of Plague album is some pretty solid metal.]


3 Responses to “Kids will have fun and offend”

  1. 1 David Wynne December 17, 2008 at 6:21 am

    The continuing discussion of that Brokencyde song makes me want to invoke Bill Hicks’ “pice of shit” rule.

    Seriously, it’s a piece of shit. What does it say about the culture, about the blurring of genres, about cultural attitudes to women? Nothing. You’re getting distracted. It’s a PIECE OF SHIT. Walk away.

    …That Winds Of Plague song would be SO much better without the keyboards. And yeah, it’s pretty awesome with them too. The video doesn’t seem that incongrous to me, though- strippers notwithstanding (and let’s be honest, strippers aren’t exactly unheard of in heavy metal iconography) that video looks a lot like an average 90s hardcore vid to me, at least untill the semi-animated bit at the end. Madball’s “Look My Way” has a blatantly lower budget, but a similar feel… and the music isn’t exactly a million miles away, either (although it’s a million times better if you ask me, but then I’m old, and extreme music fashion seems to have left me behind a while ago).

    Sorry, ramble. Just out of bed, brain/keyboard interface uninhibited, hence bollocks.

  2. 2 Jonathan Walton December 17, 2008 at 9:29 am

    Funny. I was also going to write about cultural shifts in music today, focusing on Roll Deep’s new album “Return of the Big Money Sound,” and British hip-hop’s apparent ascendancy into world music culture while Wiley, one of its key founders, has said he wants to be the next Missy Elliot (a fascinating thing, both because it’s a male hip-hop artist saying he wants to emulate a female hip hop artist [how rare is that?] and because he’s intentionally moving away from the scene and sound he helped create).

  3. 3 Jonathan Walton December 17, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Also, yeah, Brokencyde is shit.

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