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inspired by a post on some blog: favorite superheroes

My favorite comic characters – the ones I loved as a kid (so pretty much exclusively superheroes), with whom I feel some visceral connection and who still are almost enough to make me interested in a book from the mere fact that they’re in it.
(Disqualifying those currently in a great series or who have only ever appeared in great series – these are characters that can bring me in despite myself. Concepts that are so cool that they deserve better than they’ve gotten.)

oh, hell, I can’t just put “all of X-Force,” so let’s leave it at those two for now
Nate Grey
Green Lantern? (Hal, really, although I like Kyle okay)
Impulse (yes his name is still IMPULSE!)
Robin? (Tim or the one from the Teen Titans cartoon)
Sabretooth, especially AoA Sabretooth
Iceman? Angel? Beast?
The Scarlet Spider – what can I say; I loved that costume. And I was really psyched about starting a whole new life together with Ben – the future was wide open.
Spider-Man 2099
Apocalypse – this guy never fully got his due, even when he ruled the planet for four months. Always felt underused.
Artie & Leech
The Guardians of the Galaxy, but especially Vance (Major Victory) and Talon
Cable – been treated so badly. But could be so cool.

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Header by me. Contains an interpolation of the final panel from All-Star Superman #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Speaking of which.