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Nic Klein - Annihilation Conquest Starlord #4

Take a look at this! I’ve never heard of German artist Nic Klein before, but his cover for Annihilation colon Conquest em dash Starlord #4 is WAY too nice to be a Marvel book!

Browsing through, it looks like his covers aren’t uniformly this great — that he’s much more appealing with bright colors than dark ones, and for some reason he often goes dark. But this one made my day. And look! Pretty on the inside too! I may actually check out this whole Annihilation mess.

On second thought, some other parts of it are really uninspiring. How is it possible to make GIANT ALIEN CENTAUR DEATH ROBOTS look so boring? I cannot comprehend it. I acknowledge not everybody has the cojones to pull of a giant kilted space pimp, but come on, let’s have a little zing.

Galactus, giant kilted space pimp
fig. 1: Giant kilted space pimp.

fig. 2: A little zing.


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Header by me. Contains an interpolation of the final panel from All-Star Superman #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Speaking of which.