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Comic Tonic

Comic Tonic,” the Stumptown afterparty, was fun; I’d never been to the Voodoo Lounge before, and while I wasn’t allowed into the back room where the food was (special comic guests only), I got a free drink coupon from James Lucas Jones, as well as the chance to talk to a few publishers and creators. Craig Thompson was there, although he didn’t have a table at the Fest, but he mostly stayed in the secret lounge I think, and I didn’t get a chance to ask him about his progress on Habibi (plus it might have been a sensitive subject!). Chatted with Paul Chadwick, Corey Lewis, Jamie S Rich, and editors from Oni and Top Shelf, who both expressed interest in coming to visit Reed. The DJ was good and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun, but it was more of a cocktail party than the wide-ranging, clearly-populated-by-artists afterparty last year, when they had animation screenings and jam cartooning along the walls. Plus there was no free pizza this time!

Still, a good night.

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Header by me. Contains an interpolation of the final panel from All-Star Superman #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Speaking of which.