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plugging Terry Moore

I came up with the idea to write SiP, where love is a war, and here are two of the casualties: One of them is very brave and is going to be a survivor, and another one is just getting the hell beat out of her.

There’s a great interview with Terry Moore on, focusing on gender and sexuality in his comic Strangers in Paradise. He’s one of the most sensitive and observant writers who’s ever worked in comics (even if it took me a REALLY long time to accept his use of song lyrics as anything but trite), and you would all do well to read him — this interview, but also his series.

The hefty paperback Pocket Book editions are less than $20 (less than $15 from Amazon). There are 6 total (though the 6th is still being finished).


Leigh Walton talks comics and maybe other arts. (RSS)
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Header by me. Contains an interpolation of the final panel from All-Star Superman #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Speaking of which.